As you invite more authenticity into your choices, you will begin to witness the flourishing of your life.  Know that you are stronger, wiser and far more resilient than you imagine.   All you need is an open heart and the willingness to try.


  • Heighten your awareness and gain clarity
  • Recognize your personal Truth
  • Reclaim your self-worth/self-esteem
  • Build better boundaries and avoid unhealthy relationships
  • Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs/self-sabotaging patterns
  • Acknowledge and release distressing feelings in order to move past negative emotional states
  • Create an authentic life in alignment with your unique gifts, values,desires and personal needs.


*I am happy to provide an initial complimentary consultation to address any questions and concerns you may have about beginning the process of therapy and how I can help you with your specific needs.   

Individual Sessions:   $120/hr   (per single 1hr session)

Couples or Family Counseling:   $160   (per single 1.5 hours session) 

Please Note:

All prices include HST

I offer a sliding scale, please speak with me about the best way to meet your financial needs.  

To book your session, email me at or call 416-876-5905.

During our work together, I am committed to providing a safe and respectful environment that supports integration of mind-body-spirit.  

Together  we will explore the paths that make self-reconnection and transformation possible.      

What Is Psychotherapy?

The primary purpose of psychotherapy is to become aware of our thoughts/behaviours and bring unconscious aspects of our self to light. We are unable to exercise control and optimize choices unless our patterns are made tangible and conscious. The idea behind therapy is to hopefully gain clarity and create shifts and desired changes.   As we develop better boundaries, healthier self-esteem and less reactivity, we step into a greater sense of self-worth and inner calm. Therapy can enable us to see past our fears and make decisions that will bring us closer to the kind of life we want to experience.  

Most people have heard of talk-therapy but given the fact that there are so many types, choosing can be difficult.   All modalities have their strengths, what you choose and who you work with is a very personal decision.  I suggest taking some time to be selective and maybe even trying a few out.  See what feels most helpful to you. 


Hiring a Therapist

Most therapists offer an initial free consultation session where you can meet him or her, get to know his/her work style and address any questions or concerns you may have.  Select a therapist with a healthy dose discernment, after all you are about to do important work together that aims at manifesting a healthier, happier, more fulfilled version of your life.  As you meet therapists, notice who you naturally trust and resonate with. You are the best judge of feeling if it's the right fit for you.  


Do You Need Therapy?

Therapy offers people a place to look at hardships with compassion and courage.   It provides support, mood stabilization and the validating act of feeling seen and heard.  One could argue that everyone could benefit from therapy in some form or other, especially when facing difficult times in our lives.  If you have been overwhelmed with stress, emotional issues and big changes and are feeling like you simply can’t handle it anymore, the timing may be right for you to benefit from therapy.

Here are some distress signs to look out for

  • You’ve suffered major trauma in your life; death of loved ones, divorce, abuse, life threatening health problems or accidents, loss of a job, a difficult childhood or unresolved hurts with family of origin,  etc.
  • You experience emotions you don’t have control over; panic attacks, angry outbursts, immobilizing fear, indecisiveness, bouts of depression, etc.
  • You find yourself unable to control compulsive/impulsive  behaviors (you may hide from others) that have negative repercussions in your life; over-spending, partying, excessive or unsafe sex, addictive behaviours, drinking, binging, purging and so on.
  • Your relationships are unhealthy or dysfunctional; you are uncomfortable with intimacy, you experience betrayal, blame, guilt, shame, need for approval, relentless frustration, a sense of aloneness, disconnectedness and an overall feeling of malaise.
  • You are obsessed/preoccupied with one aspect of your life. This could manifest in the way you overly identify with your financial state, your physical appearance, status, relationship, career, exercise regimen, religious responsibilities, sexuality, academic performance, social life and so on. 

Challenges with Therapy

 Take responsibility

Therapy is a two-way street, how fast or slow you go is up to you. Many people go to therapy with the expectation that the therapist will magically fix them. Sometimes they even get frustrated when they don’t feel better  right away.  Keep in mind that the therapist will only know what you choose to share.  Be honest and receptive.  This is your precious time.  The more willing you are to approach therapy with kind curiousity the more the therapist can understand and process with you. 

Invite Growth

Many people invest in themselves through therapy and experience effective, positive results.  When therapy is working, it can feel supportive, eye-opening, rich with AHA moments, and it can also feel challenging, uncomfortable or frustrating at times.  This is your life, take charge of it and live it full out.